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Onyx and Pearls Interracial Personal Ads

Red Beating Heart

This site is aimed  for people that are searching for friendship or relationship outside his or her own race or ethnic background.  Have you ever thought about dating outside your race or even making friends outside your  own ethnic background, if you answered yes to the following questions then this site is just for you. If you need any information about the site or any questions, feel free to contact me at
When meeting someone off my site, use your own judgement, for I am not held responsible for the actions of others. This is a site for the people who are serious about seeking interracial friendships or relationship. Feel free to look around and also check out my favorite links, if there is a link of a site you would like me to add to my favorites, then email me with the name of the site the url and what the site is about
Also if you look in the top right corner there is a link to favorite links.
Thanks and Enjoy My Site


Below is the guestbook where you post your interracial personal ad. Please fill out all the information in  the guestbook, once your ad is posted please feel free to look through the ads as well


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